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Garden News, Issue #001 -- Roses, Beautiful Roses
June 02, 2006
In this Issue

• New Additions to Design-Gardens Website
• Brand New RSS Feed
• Garden Tips

Another month has passed. Those of us in the Northern hemisphere enjoyed a beautiful display of spring flowers! Here everybody is getting out and doing some gardening. Get ready for the summer planting of bulbs.

Our subscribers in the Southern hemisphere are entering winter. Now is the time to get ready for the pruning of roses. We have a brand new webpage dedicated to bringing the essentials of rose care and pruning to you. But… Watch out for the Thorns!!

I’m really having fun putting the website together and helping to beautify gardens all over the world. If you have found value in the website and redesigned your garden, I would appreciate a photo and a testimonial :-)

Remember… Plant a garden and make the world a happier place!


P.S. BloomingBulb is having a sale

New Additions to Design-Gardens Website

Flower Bulb Gardening, a Treasure Chest of Color
Just pop a flower bulb into the ground, keep it well watered and Wow! There you have your bloom in beautiful splendor. Bulbs are easy to grow. They provide color throughout the year. They should be included in every garden design.

Rose Garden – Place of Enduring Passion
The beauty and fragrance of a rose garden inspires and stirs the soul. Let’s design and care for a rose garden to share the magic of these amazing flowers.

Rose Garden Design for the Romantic at Heart
Rose garden design can be as much fun as or more than enjoying a finished landscaped rose garden. Ponder over all the beautiful rose pictures to select those just must have plants. Review all the rose planting ideas and imagine them bringing the best out of your favorite rose.

Pruning Roses – The Secret to Abundant Flowers
More books have been written on pruning roses than you can read in a lifetime. Keep to the essential pruning requirements of each type of rose and ensure an abundance of roses and healthy plants.

I remember the frustrations of trying to prune roses correctly when I started out. Follow my advice, and with a bit of practice you will be an expert at pruning roses in a very short time.

A Tuscan Landscape Design Brings Tuscany to Your Home
Why do so many people love a Tuscan landscape design? Could it be the twisted olives, meadows filled with beautiful wild flowers, azure skies and fine covered pergolas dangling with delicious grapes? This may influence them, but, the bottom line is… Tuscany is charming!

Bring a bit of Italy home in a Tuscan landscape design. Create a Tuscan mood in your home and garden. Paint your home in earthy tones. Dry, earthy shades of ochre, dusky pink and muted gold blends in with the rustic farmhouse types. Tuscan furniture is normally café styled.

Brand New RSS Feed

We now have a RSS Blog!

The Garden Blog is my mini-journal about garden design and landscaping. It...

    • lets you know whenever any new Web pages appear on Design Gardens, telling you about interesting gardening ideas or plants

    • keeps you up-to-date with other postings or news about gardening and gardens

    • points out some of our popular articles that you might otherwise miss

    • lets you know when I send out the Gardening Tips and News e-zine (in case you don't like to give your e-mail address, or if your ISP tends to over-filter causing you to miss an issue).

To subscribe to my Garden Blog is easy (no e-mail necessary). Just sign up on The Garden Blog page! ( more... )

If you are not sure what RSS and blogging is all about, find out here... What's an RSS Feed?

It is really easy! You will enjoy your new freedom to choose the news you want.

Gardening Tips

    • To assist lettuce plants in forming a good heart, gardeners often use pegs to keep the leaves together during the early stages of growth.

    • Cutworms only attack young seedlings. A good way of preventing attacks is to place small cardboard collars around the plants. Push it approx 2 cm into the ground and let it protrude another 6 cm.

    • When watering very fine seeds in a seed tray, cover the tray with Hessian or other cloth. This will prevent the seeds from being washed away.

    • Never throw away broken pots. Break them into smaller pieces (crocks). These pieces are extremely useful for placing over the drainage holes of pots for better drainage. Place a crock over each hole with the curve to the top. Cover them with a layer of coarse sand before filling the container with potting soil.

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