A Functional Herb Garden Design Plan for All Seasons

We designed and installed this herb garden design. It is producing beautiful herbs and vegetables. I’ve named this design Plentiful, because it is bursting with goodness. It contains herbs, vegetables, fruit and some annuals.

Here we provide all the information and guidance you need to adapt this garden plan. Download and use this herb garden design plan for your garden. There are tips for landscaping your herb and vegetable garden design are all over our site. We really made it easy for you.

Visit our garden plans page for an overview of the complete range of downloadable garden designs, or learn how to do your own garden design .

Herb Garden Design

Herb Garden Design Plan

Herb Garden Style

This is a formal garden design. It is placed directly in line with the kitchen door. Everything is mirrored as required for a formal garden design style. The sundial makes an excellent focal point.

Our client requested that we place a statue in the centre instead of the dial. The statue held up a bird bath. This gives you some landscaping idea. You may come up with other exciting ideas for your own garden design.

Herb Garden Description

I chose a sundial for the focal point on the central axis. A sundial is pleasing to look at. It also encourages people to be aware of the changing seasons, and time of day.

The herb garden has been designed as circles around the central focal point. The size of the design can be changed by increasing or reducing the number of circular beds.

The vegetables, fruit and annuals can be left out if necessary. You can also plant the design up with different herbs. The design is totally adaptable to your needs.

The paths contain large terracotta tiles. This color blends in well with the natural soil color, and the surroundings. I chose chives (Alluim Schoenoprasum) to plant between the tiles.

The pathways have been laid with gravel 3cm thick. The gravel was placed on sheets of builders plastic. Drainage holes have been made in the plastic. The gravel is retained with a wooden edging. This contains the gravel and keeps it from becoming muddy.

Practice crop rotation to keep using this design for many seasons. Crop rotation will keep your vegetables and herbs health.

One last thing, use plenty of organic compost. Herbs and vegetables need the nourishment. Use companion planting to reduce pests. I prefer having an organic herb and vegetable garden. After all, I prefer healthy food myself!


All the gardens on our website, including this garden design, may be copied free for your use, in your home garden. You may not use any of our designs or parts thereof, for any commercial purposes. I’m sure you understand!

Download the herb garden design and plant list. Note the design file size is 230 kB and may require some time to download. Right click on the link and "select save as.." and save to your PC. Select a suitable image viewer to view the design.

Containers can add some Interest to your Herb Garden

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