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Tips and Techniques

Container Gardening
These gardening tips will teach you how to plant a container. Don’t overlook these essential items when planting a container. I always plant my containers this way.

Essential Tips on How to Build a Pond
These ten tips on how to build a pond have been acquired through experience. I have had my fair share of fixing leaking ponds. During these difficult times I have found some excellent solutions on how to build a pond that copies nature and which is durable.

Halloween Yard Decorations
Transform your garden with Halloween yard decorations. Make your yard a fun place for your kids and the envy of your neighbors. Use creative ideas to make your garden landscape unique.

Lawn Care Tip Collection
Our lawn care tip collection contains lots of practical tips for lawn maintenance. Transform your lawn and give it the care it deserves..

Low Budget Terrace Construction Gardening Tips
Here is an easy do it yourself terrace construction. A full description is given of the materials you need, the design details and the installation instructions. You can fix that difficult corner or....

Crabgrass Control
Crabgrass has a prostrate growth habit and is a real eye-sore in your lawn later during summer. Crabgrass re-seeds itself year after year. Learn to control and eradicate it from your lawn.

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