Plant and Flower Pictures Inspire You to Design Gardens

A plant and flower pictures library with free high resolution downloads. Get the name and picture of flower or plant. Pictures provide great inspiration for artists and garden design.

Nature is so beautiful. There are many, many magnificent plants and flowers. They are all beautiful in their own right. Do we have a picture of your favorite flower? If not, contact us , and we will try and put it on our site. We are constantly getting more pictures and adding them to the site.

Flower Pictures

Start clicking and get ideas for your landscaping or garden design . Above all enjoy the beauty of the creation!

The pictures are categorized into logical units. Where possible a low resolution and high resolution picture can be downloaded. You are free to use the pictures for your own private use, but you may not use any of the pictures for any commercial gain. I’m sure you understand

Flower Picture

Tulip Pictures

A whole range of beautiful Tulip pictures. Visit this library for free downloads of high resolution pictures. The correct name for each flower picture is given. Click on the link for the library of tulip pictures a new window will open).

Rhododendron Pictures

A Rhododendron picture collection with free flower pictures to download. Use Rhododendrons to brighten up your spring garden design. Click on the link for the collection of rhododendron pictures (a new window will open).

Magnolia Pictures

A Magnolia picture library with free flower pictures. The correct name for each Magnolia picture is given. Magnolia trees give a spectacular spring flower display. Click on the link for the library of magnolia pictures (a new window will open).

Camelia Pictures

A Camelia picture collection with free picture downloads. Look at the pictures to select the right Camelia for your garden design. Click on the link for the collection of camelia pictures (a new window will open).

Herb Pictures

A wonderful collection of useful herbs for your herb garden is described in my Herb Garden page. If you just want to see pictures, click on the link for the library of common herb pictures . Why not download a free herb garden design and enjoy fresh herbs in your own garden?(a new window will open).

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