Majestic Rock Gardens

by Koos
(Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington

Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington

My favorite garden is the rock garden of the Royal Botanical Gardens located in Burlington, Canada. This is one of the best views. Standing on the embankment you can look down and see most of the garden. The view is magnificent and I never fail to marvel at the beauty of the trees, flowers and garden layout. Not to mention the birds and squirrels that abound.

In the picture I can see that many of the principles taught by Alison were included in the garden design. The large trees frame the garden and the pathways quickly focus your eyes on the specimen tree on the beautiful green lawn. You actually feel like going down there and lie down on the soft grass, enjoying the light breeze blowing through your hair, listening to the birds, smelling the clean air….

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