Functional Courtyard Garden Design

Transform your courtyard. Our courtyard garden design gives a fresh perspective to courtyards. Use and adapt our garden plans. Start by downloading a free courtyard garden design later on this page.

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This is functional courtyard garden plan. Adapt the garden plan by rearranging the functional areas and the plants. Also change the plant list to include your favorite plants. This is quite easy. Just visit our garden design page for all the guidance and information you need.

Courtyard Garden Design

Oh yes, one last thing before we get to the courtyard garden design. All the gardens on our website, including this garden design, may be copied free for your use, in your home garden. You may not use any of our designs or parts thereof, for any commercial purposes. I’m sure you understand!

The Area and Site

The house is situated in an exquisite mountainous area. This home blends in well with the surrounding environment. The front entrance is right next to the courtyard. This drawback is overcome by turning the courtyard into a multifunctional area, including a focal point for visitors!

Courtyard Garden Design Description

An interesting site greets you as you walk toward the front door. Yes you guessed! Its part of the courtyard garden.

The courtyard garden is subdivided. The courtyard and entrance are divided by a unique glass wall. Through the glass wall you see a planter containing a mixed planting of various plants. The plants shield the view to the courtyard. The plants are lit up at night. This creates a dramatic ambiance.

A trellis entrance, covered in creepers of Combretum bracteosum leads you to the courtyard garden. The first functional area of the courtyard is a table and chairs. This is an outdoor dinning area. The shape of the table echo’s the shape of the flower box.

Another entrance leads you into the next section of the garden. A circular washing line is placed in the centre of the paving. The paving has a wagon wheel motive to link with the overall theme of the garden.

Matching containers are placed in the appropriate places. They contain identical planting.

The final section of the courtyard garden design incorporates a vegetable garden design. The vegetable garden is placed next to the scullery of easy access. It has a functional passage down the centre.

Two matching large containers are carefully positioned in free corners. This softens the corner and makes the area cozier.

This courtyard garden design forms part of a larger landscape design. The complete design includes a backyard design plan, a front yard design plan and a courtyard design plan.

Download the courtyard garden design picture and plant list.
You may also download the complete garden landscape. Note the picture file size is 173 kB and may require some time to download. Right click on the link and "select save as.." and save to your PC. Select a suitable image viewer to view the picture.

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