Introduction to Garden Design Themes and Styles

Choose garden design themes and styles for your designs. A number of factors influence the suitability of a theme.

A garden design style is a characteristic way in which a garden is designed. Examples of different styles are; Formal garden, Japanese garden, Cottage garden, etc.

Mixed garden border plants

A theme is the topic for the garden, for example roses, white and pink, water wise, etc. So for each style of garden, you may choose a variety of themes to make it personal.

Isn’t this great! First choose a style to give structure to your garden. Then choose the theme. Then you are all set to design gardens. It is a good idea to choose a suitable theme and then work around it. The theme should be an extension of the theme you have inside your home. This creates the all important link between your house and your garden.

Theme is influenced by:

• Climatic conditions in your area
• Style and architecture of your house
• Scale and space
• Surrounding gardens
• Personal likes and dislikes
• Family needs and requirements

There are many themes. Obviously the only limit is your imagination. Note that not all themes will fit in with every style. For example, I cannot see how a rose theme will fit into a tropical garden style. Ok, got it?

Here is a very short list of garden design themes:

• Roses
• Classic
• Fragrant
• Green
• Blue and white
• Secret
• Enchanted
• Garden for nature
• Garden of contemplation

Well that wasn’t so difficult at all.

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