A Meditation Retreat to Rejuvenate

A meditation retreat is a place for complete inner harmony. I create the perfect surroundings in a meditation garden. It gives me a quiet feeling inside. I can hear myself unwinding. I love every minute of it!

Do you have a desire to be in your garden? Do you welcome your special quiet time?

I believe that my personal meditation garden needs to be created for me; created for my needs, my personality, my style and my taste. It’s my little bit of heaven on earth. It has ME written all over it!

To me a dream meditation retreat is a sort of secret garden; a garden where I can go to shed the stresses of my day. The place where all my senses are set free, visual, hearing, touch, smell, taste.

I want to view the garden from all angles, especially the sitting position. There I become one with nature and appreciate it.

All the plants harmonize together. Their colors blend. They feed and nourish my senses. The deepest reds, oranges and yellows free my emotions.

The greens help me to connect with nature and give me a feeling of comfort, relaxation, calmness, space, tranquility, lessening my stress and soothing my emotions. It helps me to think in a balanced way, healing me in every way, rejuvenating my spirit.

The blues are so soothing and cooling. They refresh and invigorate, elevating me to greater heights.

I want to see my retreat lit up at night, creating a kind of magic. It stirs me within myself, and without.

I want to hear the music of the water, the song of birds. At night I want to hear the crickets, the frogs and other sweet sound of the night. I want to hear my thoughts, my aspirations.

I want to touch and feel the different plant textures; from the soft lambs ears to the frilly ferns. I also want to touch upon my life, my inner self, my past, present and future.

I want to meditate, contemplate and look forward to life. I want to be in touch with myself, at peace and happy. I want to stop and smell the crushed bark chips under my feet.

The herbs and flowers are beautiful to behold. Experience the fragrances that the life giving herbs release. I want to smell them and feel them uplifting my spirit, my mood, my outlook, and enthusiasm for life.

My favorite herbs are lemon grass, lemon balm and lemon verbena. I want to smell them and feel them lift my senses. There are so many herbs, so many fragrances, smells that nothing can compare with.

I want to taste my garden when I am not meditating. Drink relaxing chamomile tea. Eat beautifully sweet, heart shaped strawberries; all that I can derive from my secret meditation retreat.

Above all, I might just want to invite someone special to see my meditation garden. You can have one too!

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