Rhododendron Picture Collection, Masses of Delicate Flowers

Rhododendron picture collection with free flower pictures to download. The correct name and picture of each flower is given. Use Rhododendrons to brighten up your spring garden design.

Rhododendrons form a genus of 500 to 900 species of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs. They occur from dense forest to alpine tundra. They grow from sea level to high altitudes.

Rhododendron Picture

These plants vary greatly. Some creep at ground level to form a prostrate shrub. Others grow to a height of 25 meters. They sometimes have fragrant flowers. These look spectacular as can be seen in the Rhododendron Picture

Some rhododendrons have beautiful autumn color and interesting bark. Rhododendrons are divided into four groups:

* Evergreen rhododendron
* Vireya
* Azaleas
* Azaleodendrons

Where possible a low resolution and high resolution picture can be downloaded. You are free to use the pictures for your own private use, but you may not use any of the pictures for any commercial gain.

Rhododendron Picture List

Rhododendron Blewbury low resolution, 306 kB
Rhododendron Blue Chip low resolution, 298 kB
Rhododendron Christmas Cheer low resolution, 261 kB
Rhododendron Cinnabarinum Shrub low resolution (117 Kb)
Rhododendron Cinnabarinum subsp C. Mount Everest low res., 133 kB
Rhododendron Davidsonanum Bodnant Group of 3 (230 kB)
Rhododendron Elizabeth low resolution, 295 kB
Rhododendron Kaempferi Shrub high resolution (306 kB)
Rhododendron Kaempferi Flower low resolution, 303 kB
Rhododendron Moonshine Bright low resolution, 311 kB
Rhododendron Queenswood Centenary low resolution, 264 kB
Rhododendron Red Carpet Shrub low resolution, 238 kB
Rhododendron Rothenburg low resolution, 244 kB
Rhododendron Wally Miller low resolution, 138 kB

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