Rock Garden Design Picture for Landscaping Ideas

Here is a rock garden design picture of a landscaped garden. Rock gardens are inspired by scenes in nature. You can also see the natural pictures that give us the landscaping ideas.

Natural Inspiration

Rock Garden Design Picture



These pictures show how rocks are found in nature. A rock garden design should strive to mimic the natural. Note that there are very few large rocks. The surface is made up of randomly scattered large, medium and small pebbles.

Rock Garden Design Picture 2


The waterfalls are also a good landscape idea. Note that water falls into a pool at the bottom. In your landscape design include a pond at the bottom of your waterfall. This is a convenient place to collect water and to hide your pump.

Rock Garden design Pictures

Rock Garden Design


Also note that you cannot see the source of the water at the top of the waterfalls. In your garden design you should also hide the outlet of the water pipe.

Bonsai on Rocks


Here are a few pictures of rock gardens. Rock gardens have a peaceful, enduring, solid feel to them. Some pictures have links to a larger picture (in view and size). Feel free to download them.

Gravel and Rocks


Note the picture file sizes are approximately 200kB and may require some time to download. Right click on the link and "select save as.." and save to your PC. Select a suitable image viewer to view the picture.


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